The Sound of His Nation Vol. 1

A collection of fresh new Christian electronic music.

  1. Marshall Marshall - Where You Go
  2. Chris Howland - Everlasting
  3. Jaisua - Good Man Down (feat. Eikon)
  4. Kevin Aleksander - Higher
  5. Bryson Price - Cross Vision (feat. Adriana)
  6. DJ Flubbel - Eat, Sleep, Praise, Repeat (feat. Kasiyya)
  7. Judah Banke - Divine Sign
  8. Xonar - Suspense
  9. L&W - home.
  10. Retain - We Rise (feat. Robin Vane)
  11. Jeremy James Whitaker - Worlds Apart (feat. Aleisha Edwards)

Available everywhere music is sold and streamed!

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