Float & Follow - IDOLS

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The intended contemplation of “Idols” is to be on how we allow God’s blessings to become idols in our lives. As a musician it’s very easy to get lost in the process of writing a song and become distracted from what our true intention is. For me that intention is giving you a chance to experience the Holy Spirit through sound, offering a time and a head-space to be deliberate about seeking God and what he has for you. This first single “Idols” is my own personal reminder to never let this gift of music become an idol in my life, but instead return this gift in worship to God. I also want it to allow you to take a moment and see the things God has blessed you with. Have you allowed these blessing to become an idol in your life? A distraction from the God who gave them to you? Or are you using these blessings to return the gift to God through worship and praise? Take this time to be present with God and seek the peace and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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