Master Package

Master Package


Take your music to the highest level

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Professional Mastering for one low price!

With our Master Package your stereo mix will be brought to life! Using various plugins we will compress, EQ, and maximize your songs levels bringing power, dynamics and definition.

The Master Package includes:

  • 48kHz/24bit WAV stereo master track
  • 41.1kHz/16bit WAV stereo master track
  • 41.1kHz/16bit MP3 stereo master track
  • Up to two revisions

Please ensure you've read Our Process on Mastering before submitting your order.

** Please keep in mind that mastering is not a cure-all for your song. If it is poorly mixed to begin with mastering will only make it worse. A quality mastered track requires a quality mix to start with. If you are in need of professional mixing we recommend looking into our Mix/Master Package.