Mix/Master Package

Mix/Master Package


Take your music to the highest level

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Professional mixing and mastering for one low price.

With His Creation Audio's Mix/Master Package you're getting the full treatment! This package includes a complete mix and master of your song with a 50% discount on mastering. In our mixing stage we bring balance and clarity to your song by treating each individual stem and then meticulously adding them together to create the final mix. After we've finished our mix we move to the mastering stage where we compress, EQ, and maximize your final mix to give it the power and definition it needs.

The Mix/Master Package includes:

  • 48kHz/24bit WAV stereo master track
  • 41.1kHz/16bit WAV stereo master track
  • 41.1kHz/16bit MP3 stereo master track
  • Up to two revisions

*Please ensure you've read Our Process on Mixing and Mastering before submitting your order.