Pro Mix/Master Package

Pro Mix/Master Package


Take Your Music to the Highest Level

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Professional mixing and mastering from an artistic standpoint.

With His Creation Audio's Pro Mix/Master Package you're getting our gold standard! This is the same package each of the His Creation Records artists use. With this package we take our mixing a step further. We move beyond the typical dynamics processors (EQ, compression, etc.) and dive into a deeper array of audio effects; mixing your song from a more artistic standpoint to make sure it's the best it can be. For examples of our Pro Mix/Master Package just listen to any of the music released on our label, His Creation Records.

The Pro Mix/Master Package includes:

  • 48kHz/24bit WAV stereo master track
  • 41.1kHz/16bit WAV stereo master track
  • 41.1kHz/16bit MP3 stereo master track
  • Up to two revisions

*Please ensure you've read Our Process on Pro Mixing and Mastering before submitting your order.