+ “What are your beliefs?”

It’s difficult to sum up everything we stand for and believe. The simplest way to break it down is to say that we are followers of Christ. We strive to worship God and bring others to worship God through our work, lives, and music. See our mission statement here.

+ "What are your qualifications?"

Our Audio Engineer has a degree in Audio Engineering and has spent years learning the art of mixing and mastering. Just listen to the examples of our work and you will see the difference we can make in your music.

+ "What is mixing?"

Mixing is all about bring everything together. We combine all of your tracks to become one clear and powerful song. Through dynamics processing and artistic audio processing we balance the mix to make sure everything has it’s own place in the song. However, mixing is not mastering.

+ "What is mastering?"

Mastering is the process of taking the final mix and squeezing every last bit of sound and energy out of it while maintaining balance. Using compression, EQ, and limiting we will increase the volume of your track and give it balance to be played well across all listening platforms. Whether your track is being played in the club or laptop speakers it's going to sound clear and powerful.

+ "Why do I need mixing?"

Having your song professionally mixed is the next step in getting professional sound from your songs. As your mix engineer we will examine every aspect of your songs and give them the touch ups they need to sound powerful while at the same time remaining balanced. If you want people to take your music as seriously as you do you need to have a professional sound.

+ "WHY DO I NEED Mastering?"

Having your song professionally mastered is the final step in getting a professional sound from your music. As your mastering engineer we will compress, EQ, and maximize your songs volume for the perfect balance of power and dynamics. With a professionally mastered song your fans will notice the difference and take you and your music as seriously as you do.

+ "Why would I pay you to mix and master my songs when I can buy a few plugins and do it myself?"

Many people have access to the tools required for mixing and mastering audio. What it comes down to is the knowledge on how to use those tools properly to achieve the best mix possible. Our audio engineer has a degree in audio engineering and years of experience mixing and mastering music.

+ "Why choose you over another studio?"

Two things: Quality and Price. We offer the most competitive price on mixing and mastering services while also offering you outstanding sound and service. We know that you will be happy with our final product and the price you’re paying. We want you to get your songs back and feel good about them. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with our clients to give them consistent service they know they can afford and depend on.

+ "What is your turnaround Time?"

Turnaround time depends on the size of your project. A safe rule to follow is 1-3 days per song for mastering and 5-7 days per song for mixing. This is not always the case, but it's what we shoot for. Quality mixing and mastering takes time and some songs are more involved than others.

+ "How do I send you my audio files to you?"

Check out the “Our Process” page for extensive details on how we need your files labeled and sent to us.

+ "SO, why no reverb on my tracks?"

When mixing we want to get into the fine details of each track. If you have reverb printed to the instrument track, but we need to make mix adjustments on just the instrument we can't because any changes we make will be made to the reverb as well. Instruments and reverb are treated differently when mixing. By placing your reverb on it's own track/send we can mix your song properly and you'll be much more pleased with the outcome. The easiest (and cheesiest) way to explain it is this...

Red is your instrument track and blue is your reverb. By combining the two you make purple, the final sound. If you send me just the purple and not the red and blue I can't make any changes to the purple other than lightening it or darkening it. I need the red and blue from you so I can make the perfect shade of purple for your mix.

+ "Can I get a free sample mix on one of my songs?"

We do not offer free sample mixes. Quality mixing takes time and effort and a free mix would end up being sub par work. We strive for perfection in all that we do. Check out our “Releases” page for examples of our work or the "Audio Services" page for a Before and After mix.

+ "I'm unhappy with some areas of my mix/master. Can you make changes?"

Absolutely. We want you to feel great about your music and the service you’ve received. We offer two free revisions. Each revision after that requires a small fee. Turn around time on revisions is about 1-3 days.

+ "My recordings and audio files are not the best quality. Can you fix them?"

It is not possible to add any sonic quality back to poorly recorded or poorly processed audio files. We ask that all of your stems be 48khz 24 bit WAV. If your files are a lower quality than this it is not possible to make them any higher and any attempt to do so will not gain any quality, just a bigger file size.

+ "I forgot some files, or have added to the song. Can I send you the additional files after you’ve started the mix?"

No. You must have all of your files collected and properly organized when you send them to us as stated in the “Our Process” page.

+ "What programs do you use?"

We run Pro Tools 11 as well as Ableton Live 9. We also use many third party plugins from developers like Native Instruments, Waves, and Valhalla.

+ "There are some programmed MIDI tracks and automation in some of my songs. Can you work with this?"

No. All of your tracks must be bounced as audio. See “Our Process” for more information.

If you have any questions that are not listed here feel free to contact us.