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The New Sound in Christian Electronic Music

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His Creation Network is HCR's promotional label. We release music from unsigned artists to help them gain exposure by making their music accessible through all major listening platforms and marketing their release to our audience. Take your music to the next level by teaming up with us today!

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The Sound of His Nation Vol. 1

A collection of fresh new Christian electronic music.

  1. Marshall Marshall - Where You Go
  2. Chris Howland - Everlasting
  3. Jaisua - Good Man Down (feat. Eikon)
  4. Kevin Aleksander - Higher
  5. Bryson Price - Cross Vision (feat. Adriana)
  6. DJ Flubbel - Eat, Sleep, Praise, Repeat (feat. Kasiyya)
  7. Judah Banke - Divine Sign
  8. Xonar - Suspense
  9. L&W - home.
  10. Retain - We Rise (feat. Robin Vane)
  11. Jeremy James Whitaker - Worlds Apart (feat. Aleisha Edwards)

Available everywhere music is sold and streamed!