What we need from you:

  1. Send us an email before going through the checkout process. Let's get in contact and figure out a game plan together for your project. We don't want to go into your project blind. Once we've had some communication we can move forward together to bring you a great mix!

  2. Bounce the rough mix of your full song and make sure it is included in your folder. We will base our mix off of this and follow your artistic lead.
  3. All of your tracks must be bounced to their own respective audio track. This is what is referred to as a stem. All stems must be the full length of the song. We will not mix any songs containing stems or loops with more than one instrument on them. Each instrument must be on its own stem. Make sure no tracks are clipping, no tracks cut off abruptly (leave the audio tails with a few bars of silence at the end), and that every track is labeled and organized to the best of your ability. Please keep your signal processing to an artistic stand point. We can only do so much with what you give us. The best rule to follow is to send us the most basic form of the track without loosing your artistic vision. We prefer that you keep your stems free of reverb. Send us the instrument track dry with the reverb on it's own track/send. It's extremely difficult to clearly mix a track with reverb already on it. Instruments and reverb are very different when approached from a mixing standpoint and require their own set of sonic treatment to achieve a great mix.  (If you have questions about this please refer to our FAQ) If in doubt, bounce the track with no processing and then bounce it again with your processing. This will give us a more clear idea of the sound you're looking for out of the track. If you bounce the track this way please label each of them accordingly (Processed/Unprocessed). The most common form of over processing is over-compression. If you are not comfortable using compression or don't have a deep understanding of how it works and affects the audio it's best to leave it off all together. Let your transients run wild. We can tame them on our end. We request that all of your audio tracks be bounced as 48khz 24bit WAV.
  4. Collect all of your stems and your rough mix into one zip-folder.
  5. When naming your song folder please use the following naming convention: Artist-Song-BPM
  6. You must use Google Drive for sending us your files. No other forms of file sharing will be accepted.
  7. Enter the URL link to your files in the appropriate field in our Pro Mix/Master Package Informational Form that you fill out before you checkout. Please ensure we have permissions to the linked files you send us so we can access and download them.

Thank you for your interest in His Creation audio services. We look forward to working with you! If you have any questions please refer to our FAQ or Contact us.